Housing and Pet Importation

Today I’m extremely frustrated! I was under the impression that I just needed to be worrying about picking a house right now, but it turns out that there are all kinds of papers that I’m supposed to be filling out for the babies. They don’t have notated on my file that I’m traveling down with pets, so no one has reached out to me to inform me of what I should be doing and when in order to have everything done when it’s time for us to travel down. I reached out to the veterinary facility on campus to find out if I should schedule my health certificate check-up appointment now or if I should wait until it gets closer to our departure date. I sent this long email explaining my situation and my confusion and I get the response back “Could you be more specific, I do not understand what you need.” So of course, it pissed me off.

I emailed my new student coordinator to see if he could help me, and then the housing department head reached out to me to help regarding the pets. I have been searching for housing on my own because I was trying to jump the gun, but I hadn’t received any help or email responses from housing the whole time. There is a girl I met back in April named Avry who starts in September, as well, and she hasn’t heard anything from housing to date. It’s very stressful when you’re dropping your entire life and moving out of the country for a world renowned veterinary program and they don’t even help you find housing. For me, it’s been the most stressful!

I have doctors appointments set up for myself to get all of my vaccination documentation so I can send it to school, as well as get my prescriptions filled for 3 months at a time, instead of one month. Since I have 6 different medications to take daily… I guess for me, trying to stay ahead of the timeline, it’s only stressing me out more than if I had just skated by.


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