Today I Had A Housing Interview

Today, I had a housing interview. It’s amazing, I woke up with I think 10 or 11 emails, most of them regarding Ross in some way – mostly housing. One email was telling me that their housing was already rented. Another saying that they were remodeling, but I could send them a deposit and secure the apartment. Another was saying that I could view a lease online (which was inaccurate). Another person called me “Sir.” Needless to say, I responded to all of them graciously with a “Thank you!”

One of them was received at 7:07am saying “Due to the increase of interest in the apartment, we would like to Skype with you this morning.” The apartment is less than 2 miles away from campus, facing the beach, and the only down fall is that we have to use a clothes line to dry our clothes. Everything else, we love! When we Skype’d, they told me that they really liked my enthusiasm regarding their apartment and decided that they wanted to tell all of the other prospective lessees that the apartment has already been rented. In other words, they were favoring me and offering me their apartment.

Another email was from the director of the housing department who asked me to send her a list of my top favorite housing options so she could contact them. Well, once I weighed the PROS vs CONS of the options that I liked, I realized that the people who I had spoken to earlier were #3 on my list. Here is my list:

  • Atkins Oduntan #5 US$750/month, 1 bedroom 1 bath, washer & dryer, all inclusive except electricity, close to school, and modern, patio space. No flaws!
  • C. Martin # 6 TR US$700/month, all inclusive except electric, 1 bedroom 1 bath, well put together, but shared washer and dryer. 
  • B & Y Smith #8 US$800/month, 1 bedroom 1 bath, making exception for second pet, all inclusive except electric and second + tank gas, very close to school & beach, patio space, but is line dry only. Quote from owner’s: EC270 electricity. EC200 fumigation at final exit. 
  • Starfish Crescent US$550/month, 1 bedroom 1 bath, all inclusive except electricity , refundable $375 pet deposit, but no patio, far from school, and haven’t seen the inside.
  • C. Lake Front US$650/month, 1 bedroom 1 bath, washer & dryer, lots of space, patio space, but is farther away & non-inclusive.
  • Liamuiga / Pereira #1 US$1000/month, 2 bedroom 2 bath, patio space, but has to pay for electricity & internet, share washer and dryer.

Tonight, hopefully, James and I should be able to make a decision regarding our housing.

Although it seems as though the housing options are coming together a little bit more, I’m still completely confused about the pet import rules and regulations. Thank God for the alumni of Ross that I have come in contact with. It has been so convenient to email them and get a quick answer or shove in the right direction. I sent an email to Dr. Adrianna Smith, a local New Orleans veterinarian, and she said that I have to re-vaccinate both my babies and start our titres. I wish I would’ve known that I had to do that because they were both vaccinated within the last 3-4 months. I really hate wasting money and that is exactly what we did…


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