Leased & Vaccinated

Thank God for this day! I had a quite long day, starting at 9am and just slowing down at 3pm. Of course, that’s not much of a day at all, but I haven’t had my plate this full in a while. I signed my lease, so it is official, and got my ducks in a row regarding getting my babies down to the island. Thank you to Dr. Goocher! And thank you to Mr. and Mrs. Smith who leased me my first SKB apartment! And thank you to my best friend from high school, Savannah, for helping me bring the kids to the vet.

I had to get the babies re-vaccinated with their rabies shots. Although it cost me $235 for 2 rabies vaccinations,  an FVRCP vaccination, and a heart worm test that I didn’t ask for. While I was there, Dr. Goocher went over the paperwork with me which will help us get the babies down to the island with us. Thank God I met her a few weeks ago and found out that she is a RUSVM Alumni because it is so calming now that I have someone local to help me.

I also went to the eye doctor after my two hour vet appointment and got myself some super fun reading and sunglasses. I picked out a pair of blue and lime green reading glasses and some lavender and slate grey sunglasses. I realized after I left, that I’d be doing a lot of my reading outside, which is super exciting, so I cannot wait to get my new glasses in the next week or so! How fun are these?

Screen Shot 2016-05-26 at 3.39.05 PM


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