Happy Memorial Day!

Today is Memorial Day, and yesterday James and I decided to travel up to Woodville, Mississippi to go for a waterfall hike. Let me tell you, it was so beautiful. It was such a rough terrain and by the time we were done, we had to take a breather. We did throw in the towel after our first waterfall, but we lost the trail, so instead of dying in the woods, we decided to turn around, eat lunch, and head back to the car. In fact, we have to stop every 5-7 minutes to breath or allow our legs to rest. But it was, indeed, a great escape from our reality.

This morning I woke up to find that our RUSVM “Orange Semester” Facebook page accepted students. I believe it’s sorta like high school when our class was red and for spirt day, rally day, etc., we got all decked out in red to show our class spirt. I’ve never been an orange class before, so that’s pretty exciting!

In the group, I’ve already been connected to a handful of students that will be flying into SKB on August 25 from Miami. Two of them will be bringing pets, if they have already started the guidelines that I just found out about last week, and seem like pretty cool people. I may have my first group of friends already, which is pretty awesome. They are frustrated with housing and money, and since I’ve been in the position, like less than 72 hours ago, I feel inclined to tell them that it will all work out and it will be worth it in 87 days. That’s all that is left! It does suck that it is so stressful and it feels like no one is helping you, but I believe we can trust the system because they do this every 4 months and they breed fairly amazing veterinarians.

In the spirit of counting down and accomplishing things, though, I have set up a meeting with our wedding photographers! I want to sit down with them, since they are husband and wife, and figure out who will have an eye for Bride shots and Groom shots, so we have the appropriate photographer with each of us and our wedding party. There are also, apparently, a lot of questions that we need to ask them. I’m excited that we are just getting close enough to sit down with the photographer, the musicians, etc.

Although I wanted to pay for the church last week, my savings account all went to RUSVM to pay my security deposit. That’s a bummer, but I will save up a lot more soon because I was accepted in the RUSVM Banfield Mentorship Program. Plus, I have a full month of weekend sitting. I will get this wedding paid for by July, I hope! I ave to continue saying some prayers and keeping a positive attitude, and it will all work out.

Until next time…!


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