Officially Housed & Starting Drs. Appts.

So although I previously mentioned that I signed a lease for an apartment, fortunately for James and me, the landlords showed their true colors before they received my $800 cash deposit. I decided that the best decision for me was to relinquish the apartment before we got any further and have the housing department shred my check. The landlords didn’t even respond to my email when I elegantly told them that I had to pass up their apartment. Fortunately, I knew God had a bigger plan for us!


Our official apartment is on a hill in Bird Rock overlooking both the volcano and the ocean. We are going to have a beautiful kitchen and a wrap around porch, called a veranda, where I can study and relax. It’s small and simple, but I think it’s simply beautiful for a home in SKB. I call it our penthouse đŸ™‚

I am now starting to get my prescriptions in order, starting to see my doctors, and getting my paperwork sent into school; not to mention we are exactly 60 days away from our wedding.


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