On Campus Housing?

What Ross will never tell you is that when you submit your housing application (for multiple dorm rooms), they aren’t going to respond to you letting you know how the process is going, and from what I gather, or that they even received it. Today all of my classmates started blowing up our class Facebook page (which is fairly useful when they finally add you to it) about “Who is in such-and-such hall?” I texted my friend Avry, who will be living on campus, to figure out if the housing department sent out placement emails today. She said she did find out today which hall she will be living in, which was a huge relief to her because she’s been waiting for about 2 months for feedback and got nothing.

LONG STORY SHORT – Ross doesn’t keep you in the loop while they set you up in an on-campus hall. They will set you up and not respond to your emails. If you’re looking for a housing department that is easily reachable, you’re going to loose you mind! Just relax and trust the system and the fact that they house hundreds os students every 4 months.


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