Flight Travel

Because no one told me, I wanted to make a little post regarding booking your flight down to SKB. My dad purchased James’ and my tickets down to SKB, but what he (and I) didn’t know was that SKB requires each student to have proof of a “return flight.” I put it in quotations because they do not require that you go home, they just require that you leave their country. I live in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA, and it costs a little more than it would to fly to Miami, Florida, USA, but what I never knew is that San Juan, Puerto Rico is a US Territory and it is even cheaper than flying to Miami.

An email I received from the financial aid regarding flight vouchers: “we are in the process of implementing flight vouchers, which allow you to use a portion of your Federal Financial Aid to pay for your flights for first semester. Therefore, the funds do not come from the school, but from your Financial Aid. All Financial Aid steps must be complete, and the flight must be booked through ProTravel in order for us to accommodate. It can be used for your flight down to the island for first semester, or your first round trip flight. However, it cannot be used for just a return flight.”

I make this post to inform you that jumping the gun isn’t always the best idea when it comes to RUSVM. They don’t always give you the most information at once, but I’d advise that you buy a round trip ticket when you’re planning your trip down to SKB. I’m trying to figure out when I’m going to want to go home (or elsewhere) at the moment and it is so much more expensive than if I would’ve gotten a round trip ticket to begin with, even though it makes no sense to need a return flight. But hey, no one said this would be easy!



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