Three Weeks of SKN

We have officially been on SKN for three weeks and we’ve settled in quite nicely. My hectic orientation week is over, my first two weeks of school are over, and I finally had a good, fun night out with a few friends last night. It was actually a harvest full moon last night, so it reflected off of the Atlantic ocean and lit up the whole beach. It was so incredible to see that last night, and it probably made us jump into the ocean last night more than the drinks we had beforehand.

School has been really stressful, it is much more intense than I was expecting. I never expected it to be easy, but most of the information I have never seen before. I actually was assigned an EVS (essential veterinary skills) assignment to walk two dogs for 1 week beginning the Wednesday of my first week of school and ending the Wednesday evening of my second week of school, so having to be at school at 6:30am and stay until 5:30pm everyday was quite hard on my tiny little body. I wasn’t able to get into a habit of studying everyday because I was so tired when I got home, took a shower, and had dinner that I would fall asleep with my notes or computer in hand. I hadn’t gotten much sleep since I arrived here either, so finally being done with that assignment has been glorious. Thursday and Friday of this week I finally got to sleep past 5:30am, and I couldn’t sleep past 8am – class wasn’t until 10:10am. You’re definitely going to want to take advantage of sleeping in on days like that!

I’ve finally budgeted out my rent, electricity, groceries and a little something extra for the next 3 and a half months. I’ve attached my budget below in US currency.


It turns out, once those things are budgeted, James and I only have $1,500 to spend on a car with a few hundred dollars of cushion. Unfortunately, we can’t find anyone to work with us on paying them $1,500 this semester and hopefully paying it off next semester (or January at the latest), so it appears I will have to take the Rossie shuttle to get to school on the weekdays and rely on it to bring me home in the evenings for $50/week or $500/semester. The downside is that I have to walk 1 mile per day just to go to school and come home 😦 – the upside to having to walk half a mile to get to the bus stop will build up my HR & stamina fairly quickly and will give me a nice behind :).

I also wanted to share with you my first two week’s schedule so you can get an idea of what you’re in for here at RUSVM first semester outside of orientation week, which is a handful in itself. I will post it as “Schedule Template” for those who’d like to see.



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