You Live and You Learn: A Facebook Post

“You live and you learn, right? Sorry this is going to be a long post, but I feel like a lot of my friends will want to hear how I’ve doing. My first semester didn’t go very well for me at all. I learned a lot, but I couldn’t seem to keep my act together with all the “distractions” – for lack of a better word. Learning to live in a new country is hard enough, but I had a terrible landlord, had really unforeseen situations that caused stress, havoc, and anger in my life, and I kept giving up on myself questioning if I even wanted to be a DVM. Fortunately, I failed last semester and was dismissed from the program. Yes, fortunately, because I had to fight for my seat that was handed to me the first time. I had to really decide if I wanted to be here and if I wanted to give up on my dream of becoming a veterinary surgeon, which I realized is the only thing I want to do. My dismissal appeal was approved last Wednesday and have been in school now as a repeating first semester student. Fortunately, I am only taking the 3 classes that I failed, but I feel a power I didn’t feel in myself before. I have the information, I have a clean slate, and I have new classmates. I feel like I’m learning on a more intense level now that I have knowledge from before. I can’t even believe that I am understanding the things that made no sense to me before, but James and I thank God for it everyday! We’re meant to be here at RUSVM with the island family that was hand selected for me, but I wasn’t meant to be in second semester right now. I am a repeater, which I would’ve never posted on Facebook until this very moment when I realized that I’ve gained so more more than a second chance. I’ve invested in myself and the people God hand selected to be in my life through this journey. I never joined clubs or invested in friendships last semester, which are crucial for this type of schooling environment. Today was my first meeting as a member of the dental club, this weekend James and I are trying out for the in-water tagging team of the St. Kitts Sea Turtle Monitoring Network, and were doing fine! I couldn’t have made it this far with YOU wonderful people I call my support system! Also, my mother and her boyfriend have been a Godsend over the course of our financial hardships. It’s a new year, I’m working on being a new me, and I’m ready to do what it takes to become a veterinary surgeon!”


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