Have Fun and Destress!

In between your studies, make sure you find time to do things that are fun. James and I will snorkel every now and then when the weather is cooperating. I find it to be a great destresser on the weekends, or even as a break from studying. I’ve found myself on the beach studying with my husband and once I get too overwhelmed or I start forgetting things, we dip into the water for a little bit. Just make sure if you’re going to study this way that you don’t lay in the sun the whole time you’re studying, and bring snacks because you’re going to be hungry after snorkeling.

I’ve found that going out to the strip of Friday nights is also fun. There are some people that carried away, black out, and swim with strangers at night on the beach, but I like to maybe have a drink if I can afford it, sit on the beach and hangout with my husband. I like music, that alone is a destresser for me, and we like to watch everyone else get drunk and act a fool. You should try it some time.

I’ve had friends come over some Friday nights and cook together and just hangout. Simply spending time with one or two good friends is a good destresser. During the weeknights, I like to watch Grey’s Anatomy! Grey’s Anatomy is my go to thing to just step away from studying. James and I often times watch Grey’s Anatomy as we eat dinner and then we go back to studying. You’ll just have to learn what works for you and roll with it, but it’s highly important to be able to have fun between your studies. You don’t want to get burned out!


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