Find a Good Landlord

My new landlord is great! I truly think I never want to move out of the apartment. I live in Half Moon Heights, now. The view is great, the breeze is almost never ending, and I feel safe and comfortable in my home. Ross security drives by my apartment about 3-4 times a day, and there are lots of other students who live near us. My babies are also happy here, which is a big plus!

My landlord lives next door. The way he has the apartment situated, it’s in his home, but to the side on the first floor. James and I take Molly for a walk most nights around 5:30pm, once the sun has gone past the hill behind us, and he is usually driving home around that time and he always waves or honks his horn at us as he passes us.

He is very friendly, as is his wife, and he is very quick to handle any situations. E.g., I noticed that there was a puddle of water out of the septic tanks in front of my apartment. I told him what my interpretation was and the next day someone was out draining it. Draining it into the yard in which my dog potties and plays, but nonetheless it was handled in a timely manner. He continues to have someone check on it every other week or so. He is also very easy to get ahold of!

Make sure to look out for:

  • Landlord not living in the building, especially not on the island, and avoid realty companies
  • You want to try and avoid having to have electricity transferred into your name
  • Make sure you have open lines of communication with the landlord. If there is too much of a delay in the beginning, before signing a lease or making the deposit, it’ll likely be that way the whole time you live there. Make your life a bit easier and pick someone else.
  • Lower priced rent isn’t always a bad thing. My rent is $750 US per month, which costs me $8100 EC per semester, and my place is nice, well-kept, clean, and it flows! AND I LIKE MY LANDLORD. Save your money when and where you can!
  • Don’t rush it. Just like buying a car. Look around and find options before you settle.

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