Island Birthday!

This week I turned 24, and although I wasn’t with the family I wanted to be with, I’m so blessed to have spent my birthday with people I’d consider my island family. Just for the record, it’s okay if your island family isn’t the people you spent weeks with as an OL group. I’m only truly friends with one person from my OL group. I think I deserve better friends than the people from that group to consider family.

I went to dinner with 6 people, including my husband. We enjoyed a great meal at the Spice Mill, which is down by the iconic Reggae Beach.


I really enjoyed the restaurant. There was no one else at the restaurant, just my friends and me, and the waitstaff was so attentive and friendly. They called me by name and always offered their assistance in anyway they could. We took pictures on the beach, and had complimentary rum punches when we first arrived to the restaurant. I actually had 4 drinks, and they only charged us for one. Again, very friendly.

I’d highly recommend spending a birthday here during the weekday.



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