VIP Visas

I recently received questions about VIP visa requirements, so I thought I would add the information I dug out from when we moved down here.

First of all, what is a VIP? A VIP is a “very important partner” intended for family members, spouses, children, and significant others intending to live on the island for long periods of time. VIPs are not family members or friends who visit every now and then. They do not require visas.

My husband and I got his visa when we first moved down based on the information we were given. Little did we know, visas for VIPs are only available for 4 or 6 months.

  • 4 month visa – $55US – $75US (based on visa paperwork supplied by Ross)
  • 6 month visa – $375EC (based on the total on my receipt for my husband’s 6 month extension)

I’ve included information given to us when we moved to SKN. Please note we moved down August 2016, so information not still be 100% accurate. All info below was supplied to us by RUSVM…

Colleen Govia works in the Housing Dept. and she is our VIP Advisor who works along with the VIP Coordinators in addition to managing all VIP visa extensions.

More details can be found in your welcome envelope which will be handed to you upon arrival at the airport. If you will be staying on island for longer than 30 days, you will require a visitor’s visa. In preparation for your visitor’s visa please ensure that you have the following prior to arriving on island. The visa will be processed when you are on island.

Employment on St. Kitts is strictly regulated by work permits and if you do not have a specific skill that is needed here the chances of finding a job are slim. There are of course places where you can volunteer. When you arrive on island you can look into these options. Career opportunities may be located on Careers. Work permits may not be applied for while living on the island unless it is a job located on the RUSVM campus. Please refer to this link to ensure that you arrive on island with all the necessary visa requirements.

Checklist for Visitor Visa Application

  • Application For Extension of Stay Form (Government Form – in welcome envelope)
  • RUSVM Visa Extension Certification Form (attach to Government Form – in welcome envelope)
  • RUSVM Student/Spouse/Other Certification Form (in welcome envelope)
  • Delivery Authorization Form (in welcome envelope)
  • VIP Data Form (in welcome envelope)
  • Passport
  • 1 Color Passport size photo
  • Police Certification
  • Return Ticket
  • Marriage Certificate (if applicable)

Fee to be determined by Housing office $55 then $75


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